Brokenness has many faces…greed, poverty, pride, broken relationships, loss of a loved one, illness, guilt, control- just to name a few.  Some individuals will be on top of the world and have to be broken to see how lost they really are before seeking God. Some will start on the bottom and overcome circumstances, later to finally see how God was right there all along, guiding their destiny~ carrying them the whole way. Such as in the case of ABUSE.

CHILD ABUSE..Beginning at age nine and continuing until adulthood- and beyond. Some will never see how God carried them. They will lose sight of God along the way and count on the world to comfort them in their broken state. They will be consumed with Guilt, Hate, Fear, Greed. Perhaps they become over achievers OR control freaks~ seeking the life they were deprived of as a child. Maybe the only life they feel comfort in is exploiting themselves, the way they were always exploited as a child. Or manipulating others the way they were manipulated as a child. I am that person. Or should I say…I WAS that person. BUT, by the Grace of God and His healing hands~ I am no longer that person. This page is about my journey and how it took me years to see it, but God was right there..prepping me the whole way, from the very start…FOR THIS MOMENT.